Podiums and problems for jake at Thruxton

Jake Archer and Team City Lifting made the short journey over to Thruxton for their home race of the season

Race 1

Starting from the front row, Jake got a great start to go into the lead followed by the relentless Charlie Nesbitt but he was soon taken by both Nesbitt and Brouwers. As they battled for position, Tom Booth Amos went down and this bought out the yellow flag towards the end of the first lap.

With Jake riding tenaciously into the 7th lap, he once again moved up to second but as they approached the final lap, Brouwers struck back, demoting Jake to 3rd for the remainder of the final lap. As they crossed the line to take the chequered flag it was Nesbitt from Brouwers with Jake close behind in third


Race 2

With rider and bike giving everything they had into lap 11 the TV cameras cut back to show images of Jake riding off the circuit and onto the grass with smoke bellowing from the rear of the FTR KTM.

Luckily, quick thinking Jake had the presence of mind to get the bike away from the race as quickly as possible so that no other riders were effected by oil mist or oil on the track as the now expired engine continued to eat itself. Jake was left pounding the tank of his machine in frustration as his race came to an unexpected and premature end.